Friday, September 21, 2012

7 Quick Takes

1. It is a dreary Friday, which is ok, since sometimes I really need an excuse to stay inside and be lazy. Or do housework..whichev I feel like.....right now its blogging while my children play very loudly beside me.

2. Shane worked long hours again this week, although last night he was home for supper, which was AMAZING. Really, really hoping he doesn't have to work the weekend!

3. Just had to pause for a second because I heard a loud bang followed by crying. This ALWAYS happens when they get wild, and it is ALWAYS my three year old. I hate that moment when my heart drops, I rush over and check for blood. Thankfully this time it was just a bump on the head.

4. It is a rainy day, I am more tired than usual, and I am really looking forward to the girls' "show time". So why oh why did I tell Felicity that if she didn't stay in her room for quiet time (and not come downstairs a million times to ask if she can come out yet) then she wouldn't get to watch the show?! I know that she never listens....ugh I hate that. Do I really have to follow through with it? Maybe the reason she never listens is because I haven't followed through one too many times?

5. My favourite times of the day are in the morning when I am drinking my coffee and checking facebook/ reading blogs and in the evening when I drink a glass of wine with my husband. Does it make me a bad mother that those times don't include my children?

6. I love fall but hate that it means it is almost winter. I love wearing fall boots, sweaters, and maybe a light coat, but hate wearing huge winter coats and snow boots and being cold and wet whenever you step outside. My dream is to live in a place with a mild, short winter.

7.My children are begging me to start school with them...ugh...if I least someone keeps me on track!

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  1. Mmmm I'm with ya on the facebook/end of day wine for sure! And here's hoping Shane didn't work this weekend!