Saturday, September 8, 2012

My little sister's wedding

My youngest sister got married a couple weekends ago. 6 out of 7 of us are now married - and we've had 6 weddings in 6 years. So sad to think that all these wedding are now over:( It was an amazing wedding! Although it always is sooo chaotic, especially since it was in Ontario (and not at my parents' house), and we all have little children to take care of now...they did so much themselves, and I hated that I wasn't able to do much to help, but keeping my three kids out of everything was enough work for me!
Everything turned out beautifully though! My sister and her husband are models! Take a look!

Maria and Emma were flower girls, and Caleb was the ring bearer:)

She's beautiful, isn't she?
I can't believe she's married! Cel and I were so close growing up - we are so alike...I taught her and got her interested in everything that I was, and of course she had to go and excel at all those things! I am so proud of the person she is today, and am so happy she has found such a perfect match in Dan.

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