Thursday, September 29, 2011

Potty Training, 40 Days, and more!

Today is Day 3 of potty training for this little stinker! I wasn't sure that she was ready, but I just decided to go through with it anyway, and boy has she proved me wrong! Only one accident so far! So proud of her:) And kind of in shock that I may soon have no kids in thing this baby is on its way!

In other news, 40 Days for Life has started! We have signed up for two hours a week, which seems ambitious with the kids! Especially when it gets cold. Wish I could do more, there are a lot of empty spots left and my parents are doing an hour each every single day! My mother signed herself up for the 7 a.m. slot every morning, PLUS she fills in other hours when there is no one coming. Admirable to say the least.

We enjoyed a lovely visit in Halifax this past weekend.
The girls with their aunt, uncle, and great uncle

SO proud of my husband who just received notice of THREE scholarships he is receiving this year! And one of them is an award for achieving highest standing in his year! I always knew he was smart, but when I was in university with him, he was a huge slacker and received slightly above average marks, mostly from studying off of my notes, haha! Boy has he changed! I never would have dreamed that I was marrying a top of  the class kind of guy. No offense honey:)

I think that's all for today! I need to get back to my crocheting:)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Date with Maria

This morning I asked Maria if she wanted to come somewhere just with me. Her face lit up, "Yes!" she replied. So off we trotted, sans little sis and Papa, to the wonderful and entertaining grocery store. And did we ever have a blast! Usually grocery shopping is an exercise in packing my purse with snacks to keep whiny and fighting kids quiet..and when that doesn't work, and they are let out of the cart, chasing said kids around the store to keep them from injuring themselves or something or someone else....all the while trying to find the things on my list and get the best prices on things....lets just say sometimes one or more of us ends up in tears. But this morning was quite a different story. It never ceases to amaze me what angels my children are when they are by themselves, without each other to fight with and/ or to encourage to do crazy and extremely silly things.  Maria was beyond delighted to something with just Mommy, and she was beyond delightful to have around. Sooo sweet and helpful with the groceries, and full of interesting conversation:) We shall definitely have to do this more often, if Papa will stay with Felicity again? Please?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Making Bagels

Yesterday we made bagels.

The girls helping me shape them

 And then this morning we baked them. And enjoyed them fresh from the oven for breakfast. This preggo mamma LOVED them.

We used this recipe: Peter Reinhart's bagels. I must say, they are surprisingly easy to make, and definitely worth it, especially if you are craving bagels...haha..

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Hikes

Lately, as in the last two Sundays, we've taken to going on hikes. This is very unlike us - neither Shane nor I are the outdoorsy, adventurous type - but sometimes, we like to pretend that we are! And, we've discovered, it is soo much fun! We're trying to treasure these last afternoons when we a) have the time and energy to do things, before school gets too busy, and b) can venture outside without freezing to death!

The girls enjoying our picnic supper. Maria afterwards informed us that chicken and carrots was not a proper supper....haha well we had bread too but the girls weren't interested in when we got home the poor hungry girls begged for a bedtime snack.

Felicity was sooo comfortable on my back that she fell asleep!

I have LOVED these Sunday afternoons, and hope we can enjoy some more!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hello World

This is a first for me. Posting something written by me that can be read by anybody? A little scary. Not sure what kind of blog this will be..mostly mom stuff so I'm sure it will bore most of you...haha if anybody is reading this? I'm kind of hoping no one will so that I can just keep it as a place to write down all the funny and endearing things my girls say and do every day. So....til next time when I actually have something to say! Hopefully.....