Friday, May 24, 2013

7 Quick Ones

1. Last Sunday for the first time ever I ran a half marathon! I only decided to do it the day before, and had only run maybe half of the 21 km it was a huge accomplishment just to finish it! My time was 2:05:29, which might not be great but I really had no idea what I was doing! I am confident that if I ever am crazy enough to run another I could vastly improve on that time.
Sooooo tired!
2. My wonderful mother came to stay with us for a couple of days. It was sooo nice to spend time with her, and I am going to miss her sooo much when we move away:(

3.My little princess turned FOUR on Wednesday. How did she get so big? She is sweet as ever, is a wonderful big sister to Will, and a best friend to her big sis. She was sooooo excited to turn 4 because apparently it meant she could have gum. Of course I could not deny her her wish and so she was in absolute heaven chomping on her gum.
The beautiful birthday girl

4. More birthday pics:

5. For the birthday supper we went out to eat, which was a lot of fun and William was thrilled with the little mini ice cream cone Daddy gave him. 

6. For some reason Daddy finds it absolutely hilarious to take pictures of babies and beer bottles. Now thanks to Daddy giving his empty beer bottles and coffee cups to Willy, he flips out whenever I am drinking coffee or beer. So nice.

7. The girls found the bumbo seat and brought it upstairs and it has become William's new favourite seat. Which is funny because it means he is trapped in one spot so mommy can rest for a minute...

Check out more Quick Takes and have a great weekend!

Friday, May 17, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Joining Jen!

1. Little Will has had quite the week: first came a high fever for two days, then came a cold for the next two. And the cause of it all ? Four new teeth, two of them molars.
This is pretty much how he looked all week
2. The husband stayed home sick from work today, for the first time in his life I think. Although he was sick, it was so nice to have him around. And it meant that I could sneak out for a run by myself which felt so good. 

3. So far I have made $1500 selling our stuff on kijiji, and I haven't got to any of the major furniture yet. Not bad. 

4. Maria has been obsessed the past couple days with playing hangman. I am so tired of guessing letters.

5. Shane only has two weeks of work left! And then we have two months before he starts work in Cayman. So excited. 

6. I'm having a hard time coming up with interesting things to say (as if you hadn't noticed) mind is so busy with planning and organizing and packing......

7. It's a long weekend so hopefully that will mean we will make a dent in our packing plans!

Happy weekend!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunday Best

I haven't posted a What I Wore Sunday outfit in a while, but I thought the warm weather and therefore a whole new wardrobe of clothes being available to me was the prefect occasion to do so again! And of course I am a day late on this..but we had the company of my sister and niece and nephew this weekend, and were busy doing so many fun things! 

So happy to be in flip flops again! The dress is from Old Navy, and the shirt from Winners. The accessories are from who knows where?
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