Saturday, November 8, 2014

7 Quick Takes

A huge obstacle in blogging these days is time: I just don't have enough of it, or else I'm not good at managing it. But since I have a rare moment when lunch is made, the dishes are done, and no one is demanding anything of me, I'm back joining Jen!

1. Its been a busy week. If you were to ask what we've done, I can't say that much except the usual! I guess that's just life with four little kids?

2. I have officially potty trained my third kid! Yay for only having one in diapers! He was so good and it was so much easier than I expected. By the third day he was telling me he had to go and hasn't looked back!

3.   Guess who finally started talking in full sentences? Yup this guy! It really is the cutest thing to hear everything he's thinking and I absolutely love this age.

4. This guy turned 6 months and all of the sudden started sitting up completely on his own, and creeping forward. Its so cliché but... they certainly do grow up so fast!
Oh and he started eating real food!

5. I know everyone who is starting to experience winter will hate me for this but, we had a few cool days here this week and it was the best. We played outside and didn't sweat. I might really like this place if we had a bit more of that!

6. I'm a little late on this, but I have to share Halloween/ All Saints cuteness:

Susan, Lucy, Peter, and a Train Engineer

We shuffled the costumes slightly to get: St. Elizabeth of Hungary, St. George, and St. Barbara

7. The real awesomeness of course was in a little Salt and Pepper:

It was my first time dressing up and going out in...I don't know...10 years?

Of course I'm a little late in posting this... didn't quite get it finished in that little window of quiet time... so here I am Saturday morning in my almost quiet house (the three big kids are at rugby) finishing it up!