Thursday, January 31, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Things I'm loving/ hating edition

Linking up with Jen for some not so quick takes!

Things I am loving right now:

 1. The way that William comes into bed with me in the wee hours of the morning, nurses, and then snuggles up and falls asleep on my chest. The best feeling in all the world. Sometimes I just lay there and savor it...often I am tempted to leave him there, but I know that I won't get back to sleep and that he won't sleep very long I tiptoe him back to his bed, then dive back under my warm covers where we both sleep a couple more hours.

 2. After almost ten months, William is finally on an awesome nap schedule!! Usually he will take two, two hour long naps ever day! It is amazing! I know that just because I wrote this, tomorrow he will be back to his 20 minute stints. Ha.

3. I love the way William is becoming so interactive! He loves to play "pass", sing songs, and to laugh at anything.


4.  I love watching my three children play together. The other day I watched them play house, and the girls included Willy in it, bringing him all around, telling him what to do...and he loved it.
  5. Finding Maria quietly reading a book. Love my little bookworm.

  6. Felicity's hugs and kisses. Nothing like it.
     7. The fact that when Felicity goes for her 'quiet time' she brings eight puzzles with her and does them all.

Things that are driving me crazy right now:

  1. I am not sure whether this one should go in the "hate" or "love" category, but I am putting it here because it is so dang annoying. Maria is in this funny phase where she finds it necessary to tell me absolutely everything, and this includes everything that goes on in her head. On the one hand that is great because there are no secrets from Mommy, and I know that very soon I will be dying to know what is going on her head and she no longer will tell me. On the other hand, all day long I hear things like "Mommy, I shouldn't have said that in my head!" or "Ah, I shouldn't do that!" or "Mommy I touched the wall" (?!) or "Mommy in my head I said poop". When I tell her to stop, she says, "But Mommy, I want you to know everything!" Precious, I guess.
 2.  Maria is also obsessed with not lying. Which again, is great. I know I can always trust this girl. But this obsession leads to her answering "maybe" to most questions, just so she can make sure she's not lying. If I ask her if she liked something, if she's not absolutely sure that she loved it 100%, she says "maybe". Or if she's recounting what happened at her swimming lessons, she'll say "then the teacher asked 'what's your favourite colour?', well actually I think she said something sort of like that, maybe not exactly like that..." because she is afraid if she doesn't say word for word what the person said, she is lying. I've tried to tell her that its ok, but it hasn't quite stuck. What a funny kid!

  3.Felicity, in some ways, is her father's daughter. You can call her 100 times, and she will not hear you. Literally she doesn't hear, not because she has a hearing problem, but because she tunes everything out, except for what she is focusing on. You can tell her 50 times to get her boots on, and sometimes she will hear you, but will file it away in her head as something to be done after she is done what she is doing. There is no way to get her to put her boots on before she is done, except by yelling at her, and picking her up and putting her boots on forcefully. Then she cries. There is no getting Felicity to hurry up, everything must be done in her own super slow time. I try try try to be patient with her and allow enough time to do things her way some of the time but a lot of the time we just don't have the time or I just don't have the patience to wait for her. I am hoping this is something she will outgrow soon.

4. How the girls have a phobia of playing the basement where all their toys are, because a cat sometimes comes along and looks in the window. Horror of horrors.

5. William is obviously the perfect child.

6. The girl's inability to eat meals without being insanely silly will always drive me nuts.

7. Good thing the good things outweigh the bad!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

And we are back for another What I Wore Sunday! 

Experiencing a touching mother-daughter moment

Today I had my lovely daughter Maria posing with me. She is sporting a thrifted dress, paired with grey tights, and her cardigan, both from Old Navy. I am in a peplum top from Suzy Sheir (gift from my sister), my blue Rockstar Pop Color Jeans from Old Navy, a blazer bought from an embarrassingly cheap store, and my white boots that are falling apart.
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Friday, January 25, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Their tv watching faces. They look so grumpy but really they are having a ball.

He was sooo excited to watch the girls and Daddy playing in the snow. I really should have bundled him up in his snowsuit and thrown him out for his first experience of snow...but it was way. too. much. work. 

Just because I love this girl and her cheeks. I don't want them ever to go away..but she is already starting to thin out:( 

I have the coolest 5 year old around. This was her "bathing suit". I'm guessing it was too cold to wear by itself, so over her pjs it went!

This is what happens all too often when I whip the camera out to snap a picture of this baby. He sees Mama on the floor and crawls right over to grab the camera!


Check out those bulging gums! They have been the cause of a little discomfort, but thankfully he hasn't been losing too much sleep. 

This has got to be one of the best things ever. Maria reading to Felicity by the fire. How fun is that?! 

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

 Thanks to the ladies of Fine Linen and Purple for hosting this! I am a firm believer in wearing your best to go to Mass. However, we go to the 8:30 Mass which is, in this household of not-so-early-risers, always a mad rush to get to. So I am often tempted to just throw on some jeans and go, but then I think about this linkup, and I force myself to put a little bit more effort in. So here is this week's outfit which I wasn't thrilled with but oh well:

Shirt: Christmas gift from my sister, purchased at good ol' Suzy Shier
Skirt: Thrifted and 5 sizes too big
Sweater: Thrifted
Boots: Same as last week
As usual I am accessory - less due to having a baby who has an iron grip. 
If you ever have a skirt that is way too big, like this:
It is supposed to sit at my waist
An easy fix could be to just add a belt, like this:
...which kinda sorta did something....not sure if it quite worked...
Happy Sunday!

Friday, January 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Joing Jen and the other Quick Takers!
1. I was hit by sickness again. As a person who rarely catches anything, I find it hard to handle!
2. I was couch ridden with a fever all day yesterday, and alone with the three kids. I didn't know how I was going to get through it, but Maria saved the day and was such an angel. She entertained William and kept him out of trouble, admonished Felicity against doing things many times, peeled me oranges, and read me stories. 
3. Of course there can't be two days of good behavior in a row, so today she is not quite the angel I saw yesterday. Thank goodness I am on the mend. 
4. This little stinker is finally crawling all the time now!
5. Which means he is getting into more things....but surprisingly he is pretty good at listening to no? At 9 1/2 months? Too good to be true? Probably...but while on the couch yesterday he would start to play with the fire place, or stick his hands in the dirt, and my simple "William! No!" seemed to deter him....or else he is really easy to distract and when he turned to look in my direction he saw something else he wanted to do...
6. He is also pulling himself up....

which means he can get into things like the girls' schoolwork..........

BUT thank goodness once he is up he is stuck there, can't move or get back all you need to do is push everything out of his reach. 
7. We've had a couple of big snowfalls in the last couple of days...the girls have yet to build a snowman this winter...maybe today will be the day? Only if Daddy gets home before it gets dark because I am not quite feeling up to playing in the snow today... 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

Linking up with Fine Linen and Purple!

Peplum Shirt: Dynamite
Skirt: $2 at some trashy store I am too embarrassed to say I shopped at...
Boots: these are Matisse, bought at Marshalls. They were such a good price that I bought them even though they are a size too small....after a couple years I think they are starting to stretch out so that I can wear them for more than an hour at a time..
Off to go skating at the outdoor rink! Have a great Sunday! 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Joining Jen and praying for her recovery!
1. I'm back from the land of limited internet i.e. my parents house! We spent two weeks there, which were fun, crazy, and filled with sickness. 5 out of 6 of my sisters made it home, and so we had 20 people, including 10 kids under 5 staying in the same house.
My parents with their 10 grandkids

2. About three different sicknesses were passed around, including a lovely stomach flu that knocked me out on New Years Day. Some people thought I just had a really bad hangover that had me puking all day long...but when Maria came down with the same flu that night, they were proved wrong.

3. We went skating, sledding, had two birthday parties, and a virtual baby shower for my sister not in attendance, shopped, went to the movies, and drank a lot of wine. All in between tending to feverish and puking children and spouses. 

Drinking wine with my two beautiful sisters

5. The girls received many gifts, including an amazing doll house, but Maria's favourite gift was the pack of gum in her stocking. Her own pack of gum..cost me all of 25 cents...I must remember that for next year!
6. For the first time in at least a couple of years, I went to the movies! My sisters and mother and I went to see Les Mis...and it was AMAZING!! Hugh Jackman was phenomenal to say the least. 
7. We have been housebound all week, because of sickness and the fact that our car has been in the's to hoping it is fixed today since I need to get OUT! At least to the grocery store since my cupboards are looking a little bare....
 Have a good weekend everyone!