Sunday, January 20, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

 Thanks to the ladies of Fine Linen and Purple for hosting this! I am a firm believer in wearing your best to go to Mass. However, we go to the 8:30 Mass which is, in this household of not-so-early-risers, always a mad rush to get to. So I am often tempted to just throw on some jeans and go, but then I think about this linkup, and I force myself to put a little bit more effort in. So here is this week's outfit which I wasn't thrilled with but oh well:

Shirt: Christmas gift from my sister, purchased at good ol' Suzy Shier
Skirt: Thrifted and 5 sizes too big
Sweater: Thrifted
Boots: Same as last week
As usual I am accessory - less due to having a baby who has an iron grip. 
If you ever have a skirt that is way too big, like this:
It is supposed to sit at my waist
An easy fix could be to just add a belt, like this:
...which kinda sorta did something....not sure if it quite worked...
Happy Sunday!


  1. I think this is a very successful throw-something-on-and-go look b/c if I just happened to see you at Mass, I'd say you look very nice indeed :-) I know that feeling, though. My hubby's a very early riser and I am such a wannabe and a failure at early rising.

  2. Wow you found some really cute thrift store finds! Love the braid too!

  3. I was just going to ask how did you make a dress that is 5 times to big fit and then you shared. It does work & I LOVE IT. I have a pencil skirt I'm thinking it might not work with, but I may try it. ;) I love that shirt & the ruffles.

    I believe it wearing your best to Mass as well and looking nice and pulled together (hard with four kids sometimes) and we have the same... I just want to grab a pair of jeans and go but I think of this link up. Helps me keep it real!

    by the way. your hair is SO cute too!!

  4. I think you had a wardrobe success. What's not to like?

  5. I think it worked beautifully. I love the belt and the boots. Sweet! Looking good Mama!

  6. I think it worked! The belt is perfect. And such a fun blouse! If you have to go without accessories (and I remember those years of grabby babies and toddlers) - that is the perfect blouse to do it in!

  7. you look so great, i love this outfit!

  8. Your fix totally worked! And I love that cute ruffled shirt!

  9. Love that blouse! Definitely a successful thrown-together outfit :)

  10. I love the belt although I don't think too big skirts will be a problem. I love that shirt the popped collar looks great with the cardigan.

  11. I love the entire outfit!! You threw together a great look! The shirt is my favorite part! :)