Saturday, September 13, 2014

So it has been awhile......

Aaaand it's been four months and I should probably just kill this blog, but I love looking back at the old posts and reliving the memories so I think I am going to keep on plugging along!

  An update on life here: Gus is FOUR months! The time has flown! He is absolutely the cutest and best baby. Did I say that about all my babies? I can't quite remember, but he is honestly the friendliest thing, smiling all the time. If he starts to fuss, all it takes most of the time is to have someone near him and he is happy! He sleeps straight through the night these days, going down around 7 or 8 and waking around 6. I have no complaints. I love him. Haha.
He's actually three months in this picture but you get the idea

William is two. Enough said. Haha really he is not bad but he keeps me busy! He is constantly testing the limits, trying to be big like the girls. BUT he is as cute as ever, loves to play any kind of sport or do puzzles. He is talking quite a bit FINALLY! I love two year olds, but they are crazy! At least this one is!

  The girls are getting so old! Felicity is five and is growing up! She loves (home)school and is really turning out to be an eager learner, which I did not expect. Maria is SEVEN. Crazy. But I love seven! So eager to do things with me (actually both girls are), and she is capable of actually helping me, and is still little enough to love doing it! She can also to do crafts on her own, following all the instructions and cleaning up after herself, which is amazing!

We started school a little late this year, but so far it is going well! Both girls are enthusiastic (so far), which is always nice! My mom has been here for the past couple weeks to help me, so we'll see how I do with occupying William and taking care of Gus while teaching the girls when she leaves.....

  Hopefully it won't be four months till I write again! I'm sure no one is out there reading this anymore but I have to start somewhere!