Friday, April 21, 2017

It's already April??!

1. Time for an update! No better way than to link up with Kelly!

2. Happy Easter! Hope everyone had a great one. We had a fun 6 am wake up by the kids yelling "Alleluia!"followed by a fun egg hunt around the house followed by some kids eating all the candy followed by epic meltdowns from a certain almost three year old. SO MUCH FUN.

3. We were up so early and by seven everything was done so we decided to scrap the breakfast we were going to make for ourselves and go out for breakfast at the Marriott. It was a delicious buffet with pretty much everything you could ask for, but having so many choices is kind of overwhelming to me. I can barely handle making the decisions for myself, and then having to help four kids decide what to eat kind of killed me. Also the kids had overdosed on candy so they weren't that hungry and the amount of money we were spending and not getting our money's worth was kind of stressing me out. I'm such a fun person, I know!

4. We took a break from school this week. Its been low-key, but nice. We've done pretty much nothing, but that's the point of it I guess! Today we tried to go on a picnic to celebrate our last day but it rained.

5. William was at rugby camp for the mornings all week, and the house was so quiet without him! Sometimes one kid really does make a difference. He's just so chatty, always talking to me and asking me to do things with him. I missed him, but dare I say it was a nice little break for this introvert? The girls can get into their own little world reading or playing together, and Gus can be so independent and play for hours with his little cars. And the baby doesn't talk so it was nice to have a few hours where I could be

6. Little Zellie is 6 months old! She is a sweet heart, happy to be sitting if she is surrounded with toys and siblings to watch, and starting to creep/crawl around a bit, but not fast enough to be annoying yet! Time, please stop. Unless you will make her start sleeping a bit better at night. Its not terrible, but I'm ready to sleep through the night again. Ha.

7. William turned 5! He's sweet, the absolute best big brother, and just an all around nice kid. Except when he's being a stinker;)