Tuesday, November 26, 2013

18 Weeks

It's time for the old pregnancy update posts again! We are at 18 weeks, baby is moving lots, I am feeling pretty well and getting bigger by the second. I wish I could say this pregnancy is flying by but I already feel like I've been preggo forever. The second half should go by faster, right? Ha.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Life in Cayman

Its about time I write a little something about living in Cayman, don't you think? I know you all are waiting eagerly for it (haha), and so I shall oblige.

What I Love

The beach, of course! Soft white sand that stretches for miles, crystal clear, warm water...what's not to love? Only the part about cleaning all the sand off of kids when we get home...But really, I can't complain here!

My view:

Living across from my sister!
My sister and brother in law (who is also Shane's brother) live in the same apartment complex, just across from us. We can see into their window if we try (of course we don't;). It is absolutely amazing. We hang out pretty much every day, our kids play, we meet at the pool, pop by for coffee, borrow a cup of sugar... you name it!
Living near Shane's family
Shane has not seen much of his family since we've  been married, and so this is especially great for him. He has five brothers and two sisters, and the kids love hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
What I Miss
The shopping. Any shopping. I miss it all. Especially Costco. And the mall. There is nothing here. Nothing.
You will hate me for this, but I am missing Fall and Winter! I never thought I'd really mind living in perpetual summer, but I do! I guess I like change, and the change of the seasons, and consequently wardrobes satisfied something in me. I'm dying to put on a pair of jeans (without dying of heat), wear some boots, and a nice cozy sweater. I know its not going to feel like Christmas without the snow, and bundling up, and drinking hot cocoa by the fire. I'm sure in January and February and March when Canada is still enduring a never ending winter I will count my blessings. Or at least I'll try to.
I miss my family of course! We won't be going home for Christmas for the first time ever, phone calls are expensive, Skype only works well sometime, and mail takes forever. So, even though I've never lived very close to most of my family, I am really feeling the extra distance.
The normal (to me at least!), North American way of doing things. Things are so slow down here, and when you need something done, this is really frustrating!
My things. It felt great to purge and get rid of it all, but I find myself missing at least some of it. Like my pictures for my walls, toys and books, my clothes, kitchen stuff.......I know these are just things, and of course they shouldn't matter to me, but I have to admit that sometimes it gets to me!
So it looks like from this list, that things are all even on the loving/ missing front, which is something I need to remember on the days that I really, really miss home. Because I do. Often, and a lot! Although I know I should be grateful to live in such a beautiful spot! But the grass is always greener on the other side, isn't it? Unfortunately.
Until next time, which hopefully won't be in too long!