Monday, October 28, 2013

Interview with The Kids

I am definitely someone who gets my best ideas from Pinterest. That is, once I get around to implementing them, which I do every now and then. I have been wanting to do an interview with the kids on their birthdays ever since I saw the idea, which was a couple of years ago now. Birthdays have passed, the kids are getting older, and I am forgetting everything. Ok not everything, but you know how things go! So I thought to myself, there is no time like the present. Why can't I do an interview now, with all of the kids at the same time, on no one's birthday? Well I can, and I did. This is how it went.
Maria is 6, Felicity is 4, and William is 18 months.

What is your favourite colour?
F: pink and yellow
M: pink and purple

What is your favourite toy?
F: Rapunzel Barbie
M: Rachel (her doll)

What is your favourite fruit?
F: watermelon
M: mangoes

What is your favourite thing to eat for lunch?
F: Kraft dinner
M: Kraft dinner
* don't think I ever feed them this garbage, they just have very vivid memories of the few times their Daddy has fed them it......ahem...

What is your favourite outfit?
F: long skirt and purple flowered shirt
M: 'school clothes'

Favourite snack?
F: granola bar
M: crackers with peanut butter

Favourite game?
F: Old Maid
M: Monopoly Jr.

Favourite movie?
F: The Sound of Music
M: The Sound of Music

Favourite day of the week?
F: Saturday
M: Sunday

Favourite animal?
F: horse
M: horse

Favourite song?
F: My Favourite Things
M: Beautiful One

Favourite book?
F: Rapunzel
M: Meet Molly, An American Girl

Favourite cereal?
F: Cheerios
M: Mini Wheats

Best friend?
F: Emma
M: Lucia

Favourite thing to do outside?
F: swim
M: pick apples (she's really been missing Fall activities)

Favourite drink?
F: apple juice
M: fruit punch

Favourite holiday?
F: Easter
M: Easter

Favourite thing to eat for breakfast?
F: toast
M: mini wheats

What do you want for supper on your birthday?
F: spaghetti
M: spaghetti

What do you want to be when you grow up?
F: tennis player
M: tennis player
(our family may be a little tennis obsessed...

Since William's answer to all of the above questions was merely a grunt, I thought I'd go with some more age appropriate ones:

favourite food: this one is a toss up since he loves most anything, but I'm going to go with watermelon

favourite toy: his truck that he loads with his little cars, or a ball

favourite activity: playing ball with Daddy

favourite outfit: just a diaper, with his flip flops on and sunglasses on his head. He's got style.

favourite words (or only words....): "wa wa" (water) "ba" (ball) "mamma" (everything) "grunt" (so many different meanings!) "Mo!" (more) "chssssss" (cheese) "Dada" (Daddy) "high pitched scream" (any animal) "Baba" (bye) "da" (down) "rara" (Felicity/Maria)

favourite thing to get into: the snack cupboard

favourite thing to help Mommy with: unloading the dishwasher

favourite moment of the day: when Daddy comes home, he screams in delight and runs, laughing to hug him