Saturday, August 24, 2013

7 Quick Takes

I'm back! And I'm linking up with Jen for a very condensed version of our summer adventures:
1. We began our travels with a couple weeks at my parents where we shopped, took it easy, played outside, went to the beach, and more!

2. We then drove to Ontario to visit four of my sisters, first stopping at Sarah's where we celebrated my big girl's birthday:
6 years old!

3. Then on to Catherine's:

Niagara Falls

4. Next we went to my littlest sister Cecilia's:



5. Then we swung down to Ohio to visit my friend Heather but unfortunately didn't get any good pictures with her!

6. Finally we headed back to my parents where three of my sisters joined for some more sister/ cousin fun!
The five eldest

Watching fireworks
7. The final leg of our journey took us on a plane ride with three little kids (exciting! tiring! exhausting!) to our new home!

Were I a better blogger I would have updated this space along the way and given a much more thorough account of all the goings on, but alas a better blogger I am not!

Enjoy the weekend! I know I will:)