Monday, May 26, 2014

He's here!

Introducing Augustine John Westin, born May 5 at 1:01 pm, weighing in at 9lbs 7oz.
   Labour was quicker than my others (at 4.5 hours, compared to around 8 for the others). I was induced (just with the gel) at 8:30, and by 11 I was having fairly strong contractions about 2 minutes apart. After about another hour they were getting very strong and I told the midwife I was probably getting close. She checked me and I was 5-6 cm, but she said she could feel the baby's right there ready to come out. I had told her that with the other kids I dilated from 7 to 10 cm in about 5 minutes so she went ahead and called my OB to come and break my water. By the time he got there, about 8 contractions later, I was 9 cm. He broke my water, I was ready to push, and after a couple pushes, he was out!
   This makes it all sound very smooth and easy, but believe me, it was hard work! I am super grateful that everything went as it should and there were no complications, except for the placenta of course ( I have a history of retained placenta). This time, my OB worked on it for 40 minutes (very pleasant...) and out it came! He thought it was all there, but apparently it wasn't and a few days later I had to have a D&C to remove it, and now we are hoping its all out but my OB still isn't sure! So annoying, but I am glad that I've had no complications during pregnancy, labour or delivery. This placenta problem is annoying, but at least Gus is out and its not affecting him!
  The kids are smitten with him, and all love to take turns holding him. William is the absolute cutest with him. Each morning he is so excited when he hears that he is awake, and runs in to see him. He is constantly asking to hold him, and every time he does he asks me to take a picture of him. Melts my heart every time.

I've been busy adjusting to life with four kids, getting in newborn snuggles, changing diapers, and feeding that baby! In between I try to fit in feeding the rest of the family, homeschooling, and getting some sleep, but its been tough!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

A little belly pic update.....

37 weeks

39.5 weeks
40 weeks!!!
So we've made it to your due date, Baby! Here's to hoping that you'll be emerging sometime in the very near future, although I'm not getting my hopes up too far! I may be pregnant forever. At least then I wouldn't have to go through labour! Ha.
   My next post will hopefully be announcing the wee one's arrival! Because no one wants to see me at 41 weeks....

Thursday, March 27, 2014

34 weeks

As the world's lamest blogger, I thought the least I could do was to post a bump update every now and then, if only just for my own sake, since I love looking back at previous pregnancies to compare. So here I am at 34 weeks with my preggo pal and sister. We are due within two days of each other. The bets are being taken on who will have their baby first. I'm guessing she will. 

I'm actually 36 weeks today, but haven't had a picture taken so I thought this is better than nothing?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

28 Weeks

     28 weeks with Baby #4! We've made it to the third trimester! I'm already huge...are there really 12 (14) weeks left?!

Monday, January 20, 2014

26 Weeks!

Here is photographic evidence of me at 26 weeks with Baby #4!

 We are so excited to meet you little baby. The girls are going to love you and take care of you. Felicity is dying to hold you, and Maria has big diaper changing plans:) William doesn't really know you are coming yet, but I know he is going to love you and be such a good big brother! You are so active inside of me, it makes me wonder what kind of personality and temperament you are going to have. I know the time will come to meet you soon enough, so I am going to try to enjoy and savour this time where I have you all to myself:)

Friday, January 17, 2014

7 Quick Takes

I'm back and I'm joining Jen!

1. The weather has been amazing here lately. And by amazing I mean 72 degrees, with a cool breeze and rain. I absolutely love it. I've been able to wear pants without dying of heat.

This little girl read her first words this week! She was so proud of herself and is absolutely loving school.
3. This baby and I have made it to 26 weeks, but I have no photo to show! I must get better at documenting this pregnancy.
William and his cousin are the cutest. They are a year apart and love each other. We are so blessed to have him living next door!
5. Speaking of living next door, my sister and I have started swapping kids for an hour a day and it has been amazing! It is so nice to have an hour to do whatever you want. Alone.
6. I have been spending my hour swimming laps, which is so unnatural for me since I am really not a great lover of swimming, but its great exercise! And I figured I should take advantage of having a pool that is prefect for laps, plus it is much easier than running on this pregnant body. So it is working out great, except that I hate every second of it.
We went paddle boarding last weekend and Maria did so well! She balanced, steered, and handled the big paddle all by herself. I, on the other hand, was terrified and fell off. My excuse was that its harder to balance when pregnant?

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas in the Tropics

This was the first year that we stayed put in our own home for Christmas. While this was sad, since it meant we weren't at my parents' house with all my sisters, it was also rather nice and relaxing to wake up in our own home and enjoy our little family. This didn't mean I didn't cry buckets of tears missing my parents and sisters.... haha.

It was an absolute delight to watch William enjoy every part of Christmas - from seeing all the lights, decorating the tree, seeing Santa, and opening each and every present. Such an easy kid to please, and I love this stage he is at!

The girls were of course SO excited for Christmas this year. Maria was too excited to sleep on Christmas eve, and I fully expected a 5 o'clock wake up the next morning. I was pleasantly surprised when I was woken up by their little whispers at 7 o'clock, a completely reasonable hour!


Shane is very big on taking the present opening nice and slow, which was more than fine with Felicity, who liked to take the time to play with every toy, and read every single book before she wanted to open another. Maria on the other hand was so impatient to open them all up and then play with them!


All the gifts they got were a hit, really they are so easy to please at these ages! A few cars for William, a watch for Felicity, and a few crafts and books for Maria was really all it took.


We enjoyed a leisurely gift opening, followed by brunch with our sister and brother, which was briefly delayed by a power outage, (even though we were not experiencing anything remotely like an ice storm).  The rest of the day was spent at the in-laws opening more gifts and enjoying a lovely supper.

I hope everyone is still celebrating Christmas, like we are trying to do, even though Shane had to return to work on Friday.
Merry Christmas!!