Friday, September 16, 2016

7 QT

1. We are back at school and extra curricular activities and life is super busy! Maria does swimming (4 times a week) and soccer, Felicity does swimming, ballet and soccer, and the the boys play rugby. So it doesn't sound like a ton, but it ends up that we have something everyday except on Thursday. It gets exhausting.

2. School is going okay so far. There have been only a few melt downs and tantrums thrown so its not too bad! My biggest obstacle is that the girls have such a negative attitude towards it that it makes it disheartening when I'm putting so much effort in. Fun teacher I am not.

3. If only everyone had the attitude of William when it comes to learning! He is always the first one sitting next to me with his reading book each day. He is sounding words out and it is so cute to watch him!

4. William's very favourite thing to do right now is play Memory. And I'm not kidding when I say he kicks my butt nearly every time. I sit there in awe. I have no idea how he remembers where they all are.

5. Today was my last day at the gym. Not because I am too pregnant, because it still is making me feel good to workout (although vvvvvvverrrry scaled down and I am always so exhausted after). But my gym membership expired and I don't think I will renew it since I don't see myself getting out of the house very easily with a newborn, and 4 other kids and no gym daycare. Boo.

6. My next door neighbour sister had her baby a few weeks ago and it was absolutely the cutest thing when I took the kids to see their new cousin. They were in love and I can't wait for them to meet this baby! Gus just wanted to hold him the whole time and was so excited about everything he did. "He moved his hand!" He is going to be such a cute big brother! Felicity was over the moon and was lamenting that we'd have to wait 6 weeks to bring our own baby home!

7. 37 weeks today! I'm resigned to another four weeks of waiting, but the end is in sight! I really just cannot wait to hold this baby!

Have a superb weekend and go see Kelly for more fun!


  1. Yay babies! Glad you're doing well, even in all the crazy busy! About the gym thing - I'm clearly no expert! - but I've been doing these online HIIT workouts for a couple months and they're pretty awesome if you want something to do at home before/after/in ten years ;)