Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Things I'm loving.....

Today I woke up in an exceptionally good mood. Do you ever just feel content with your life as it is now, and at the same time excited about what is to come?
 These are the things I'm loving right now:
 1. This little monkey. He is growing sooooo fast!! And I can't believe how much I love him ( haha although I have two other kids whom I love equally, of course)...He is such a good baby, is on a great pattern where he goes to sleep at 9 and wakes around 5....meaning I almost get a full night's sleep...and is so smiley and sweet! He LOVES his big sisters, and they love him, which makes it easy for me to get things done since they are eager to entertain him! I am excited to see his personality developing, and to see him start to do new things, but also sad that his newborn stage is soon ending:(

2. The girls playing quietly in our basement playroom. We JUST cleared all the boxes out of it and set up all the toys..and they are loving it and so am I! Its so nice to have the mess of toys out of the living room! And its nice to enjoy a little peace and quiet while they play down there.

3. A clean, freshly unpacked house, with everything in its rightful place. We had company yesterday so it was motivation to finish the unpacking and cleaning of the house. It was a lot of work, but I have to say it was great to have a reason to force Shane to clear all the boxes out and help me put up pictures......I'll enjoy this for however long it lasts, before things start getting shoved in random places....

4. Our backyard that the girls will play in later today. It may be small with neighbours and their dogs very close by, but I am so grateful for the outdoor space for the kids to play in while I relax on our deck... I even planted a little first attempt, so we'll see how that goes..not very optimistic about my gardening abilities.....

5. Selling things on kijiji. Love making the money and clearing out things we don't need/use/like. Win, win!

6. Being able to run again! Well I hate this in the mornings when I have to force myself to get up before my kids, which I never thought I would ever ever ever see myself doing, and while I am trying to run up the massive hill by our house that just goes on and on forever, but I am loving the results! (which are a feeling of great accomplishment and being within 3 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight - hooray!)

7.Looking forward to a busy, but exciting summer, including: swimming lessons, Maria's birthday, a two week visit from a dear friend, and my little sister's wedding!

8. Looking forward to Shane writing his bar exam so he can enjoy this summer with us! Just three weeks more of the great life of full time work AND studying...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the amazing father of my children. On our wedding day I thought my heart was bursting with love for you - how could I ever love you more? Little did I know how much that love could grow. Seeing you become a father for the first time, rock our babies to sleep, tend to them in the middle of the night, comfort them when they are hurt or frightened, play with them, teach them, and love them has shown me what an incredible man you are.

We love you Daddy!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Fun Things.......

I haven't posted in awhile! It's been super busy around here....we packed all of our things into the uhaul..drove 5 hours...and arrived to a shockingly disgustingly dirty house....that looked way way worse than we remembered. After we got over the initial shock, and decided against keeping our things in the truck and finding somewhere else to live, we cleaned like crazy, and painted the entire house..which did a lot for it! Finally it is starting to look halfway decent...except for the boxes everywhere! Still sooo much unpacking to do! Speaking of which, I should be getting back to that.......
 More exciting things to come later!