Saturday, November 12, 2016

7 Quick Takes Saturday

Linking up with Kelly a day late!

1. We've been enjoying very fine weather! We've lived here for three years but I can't remember if this is just what Fall is like here. Somehow I don't remember nice weather lasting for much more than a few weeks. And by nice I mean around 78 and breezy. It is heavenly.

2. Since its not so hot, for the first time since we've lived here the kids have been playing outside everyday! This is monumental and the absolute best. I guess it feels like summer in Canada. Usually we are all shut up in our small air conditioned house all day. The only way the kids want to go outside is to swim in the pool because usually its just too hot to do anything else. We are so lucky to have a pool but it means I have to be out there with them. Having them freely playing outside while I keep an eye on them from inside is really really amazing. Please beautiful weather stick around a few months!!!

3. We had a crazy week last week, full of sickness. Our house (and my sister's house next door) got hit with a terrible cold that went through everyone, including the newborn babies! Zellie had a fever at three weeks old, and ended up spending the night in the hospital. It was so terrible and sad and she is just now finally getting over her cough. I'm never taking her out of the house again until she is a teenager.

4. Maria has a swim meet this weekend! Which means three days of early mornings and spending hours at the pool. Super fun but super tiring.

5. I'm sure its like this for most big families everywhere (with 5 kids do we qualify as a big family??) but on this Island I feel like a freak show whenever people see me with all my children. The counting heads, asking if they are all mine, commenting on how busy I must be.... So far it hasn't been negative, just mostly incredulous, but I'm not really fond of sticking out and drawing so much attention. I guess I shouldn't have had five kids then, right?! Or else I should just hide away in my home. Haha.

6. On that note, those of you with 5+ kids, do you ever leave the house? Does it get easier or should I just resign myself to a life of seclusion?

7. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Don't worry - you'll leave the house! There will come a point where you just cannot stand to be indoors for one more second, and that will give you the energy to pop all the kids in the car and go! As they get older, it's also easier ( even 6 yrs olds mostly know how to stay close and follow directions) and you get more comfortable with the "herding cats" mentality. Just go to some familiar places first, don't feel like you have to bring EVERYTHING with you (a diaper or two, a water bottle, and your wallet should be enough) and don't let paranoia hold you back. If it doesn't go well, abandon ship and go home (or take the kids out to lunch and a park to reset everyone's hopes) and try again another day. You'll make it!

  2. Aww, I'm sorry you get so much grief about your big family. It's a slowly shifting part of the culture, and those who are still in "more than 3 is way too many" land can't quite understand. Also, I moved from the East Coast to Texas years ago and still can't quite manage the weather changes, so I don't have any tips there, either. :/