Thursday, September 22, 2011

Date with Maria

This morning I asked Maria if she wanted to come somewhere just with me. Her face lit up, "Yes!" she replied. So off we trotted, sans little sis and Papa, to the wonderful and entertaining grocery store. And did we ever have a blast! Usually grocery shopping is an exercise in packing my purse with snacks to keep whiny and fighting kids quiet..and when that doesn't work, and they are let out of the cart, chasing said kids around the store to keep them from injuring themselves or something or someone else....all the while trying to find the things on my list and get the best prices on things....lets just say sometimes one or more of us ends up in tears. But this morning was quite a different story. It never ceases to amaze me what angels my children are when they are by themselves, without each other to fight with and/ or to encourage to do crazy and extremely silly things.  Maria was beyond delighted to something with just Mommy, and she was beyond delightful to have around. Sooo sweet and helpful with the groceries, and full of interesting conversation:) We shall definitely have to do this more often, if Papa will stay with Felicity again? Please?

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