Thursday, September 6, 2012

I did it!

I made it! Driving 22 hours with three kids and no husband was a huge feat for me! The first leg of the journey was from Halifax to Fredericton (4 hours). The kids were SO good for me, and I only had to stop once. The trick was they each had their own backpack filled with a pad for drawing and crayons/markers, and LOTS of snacks. The next day we drove to Ottawa (11 hours). This time my sister was in the car with me, along with her son, and Maria drove with my dad, who we were following. What a LONG day! I think it was almost harder following someone else, because we kept stopping when William was sleeping or all the kids were ok......and wasting all their good behaviour at rest stops! So it took more like 15 hours to get there....horrible horrible dayyyyyyyy! We then stayed at my sister's in Ottawa for a couple days, before heading to Orillia (6.5 hours). This time I was driving alone and following my sister and her family. Ten minutes into the trip, her kids were feeling sick and throwing up, so I decided to keep driving on my own while my kids were doing ok....thank goodness for my GPS! Half way through the trip Maria started feeling sick...she had a I made a million stops and she sobbed for a couple hours......another horrible day! But I made it! And survived a whole week without my husband! I had to do so many jobs that are usually reserved for Shane......packing/unpacking the car, gassing up, fixing the car (ok all I did was replace a fuse haha), AND take care of three kids by myself day and night....boy was I glad to see him when he flew in the night before the wedding!

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