Friday, September 14, 2012

7 Quick Takes

My first time joining in on the takes today!
1. This has been one loooooong week. The husband has been working until 9 or later every. single. day. It feels like he's back in school and it sucks.

2.Monday was a horrible horrible day, mostly because I was in a bad mood and couldn't handle the children so I kept getting mad at them/ blocking their wildness out which in turn made them in bad moods and more crazy. Every day since then I have made a concerted effort to have a better day, and so far I have succeeded. I just have to keep reminding myself to take it one day at a time.

3. Usually I'd be excited that its a Friday, but apparently my better half has to work the weekend too! How many of these takes can I make about complaining about my single parenthood this week? Oh a few more I think........ I know that there are people in far worse situations than me...but lets just say I would absolutely suck as a military wife. I am super grateful that I at least get an hour to spend with him every evening before I go to's what I live for and look forward to every day...that and a glass of wine! haha

4. Shane working late every day means we can't keep the we've been trying not to go stir crazy. Luckily it has been beautiful weather so we've been walking to the park every day, which is fun, helps the girls burn some energy, and helps kill some time. Yay for summer weather in September...hoping it lasts!
This is how we roll.

My key holder. It makes her ok with the fact that I'm not letting her ride her bike to the park.

My big girl loves riding her bike to the park:)

5. I think this is the most annoying thing that my children do:
Talking carrots
Playing with their food, plates, spoons, cups, and anything else they can get their little hands on. If I left them to themselves they would take literally hours to finish their meal. One bite every ten minutes probably. As it is, I have to get mad, threaten them, separate them, send one away and let the other eat first, or put a timer on. It usually takes all of the above to get through a meal. It drives me NUTS.

 6. Look who is on the move!

Look at him in action!
He's been pivoting around for a while now, and I usually will put him one spot, leave for a few minutes, and when I come back he's in a totally different place...but just today he started really moving forward, pushing with his feet! He's still really slow so I've got a little while to start baby proofing this house! But I can't believe he is this old!!

7. The thing to say when being punished in our house is "This is the worst day EVER!" (Maria) or "Now I'm NEVER going to play with Maria!" (Felicity). As if saying those things are somehow getting back at mommy for punishing them? hmmmmmmm

Now go see Grace for some much better takes!

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