Friday, October 5, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday!

1. I love that its Friday and a long weekend! We are heading to my parent's after work tonight for some Thanksgiving family fun!
2. So that means today I am busy packing like crazy - its amazing how much work it is to pack for three days when three little children are running around and being especially bad, of course.
3. Plus it is wonderful timing that I am sick. I never get sick, except when I have something to do, or a trip to take. So that means I will be extra patient with my children, of course, since my voice is gone and they can't even hear me above their screams. Lovely.
4. Yesterday was the big day on which the bar exam results were released! And HE PASSED!!!!!! Big surprise there. He was seriously worried though...and has been stressed for days about huge relief on that front.
5. This little guys has started eating real food. And is loving it!
6. Time to go do a Thanksgiving craft with the kids! I don't do crafts nearly enough with them, even though they LOVE them. Sorry girls.
7. And that's all I can think of! Have a lovely weekend everyone!
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  1. Wow I can't believe William is eating already!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Wish we could join you...

  2. Stopping by from the link-up!
    Why is it so hard to do crafts sometimes? We painted with watercolors one day and they LOVED it...I mean like won't stop talking about it loved it and keep asking when we can paint again! But after they spilled the watercolor water on the table/floor like six times and I feel like I'm still recovering from that day. Guess I just need to loosen up!

    Um, awesome about that bar exam! Enjoy the trip, feel better, and GOOD LUCK packing! ;)