Thursday, November 22, 2012

What I Wore to Thanksgiving....

Although it is not technically Thanksgiving in this country, we decided to show solidarity with our lovely American friends and fam and celebrate it too. Because we are weird like that. And because its another excuse to have a turkey dinner, which I've never made before! And it was fun! Also I couldn't say no to the lovely Grace who is hosting the What I Wore to Thanksgiving Dinner linkup, so I decided to put something on other then my usual sweatpants....
Looking slightly annoyed...

Gosh its harder than it looks to get good photos of oneself!

Such a natural with the candid shots..

The outfit details:
 Shirt: Old Navy
 Pants: At least 5 years old from RW&co
 Shoes: Spring
 Earring: gifted 
 scraggly hair: gift from God

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans!


  1. scraggly? never ever. I envy your hair so much!!

    you look so cute ... as always. Thanks for the solidarity!! Did Shane have the day off?

  2. Baha! "Slightly annoyed" I don't think so! I love the colour of that top too!