Friday, November 2, 2012

7 Quick Takes

1. My baby is sick. I don't like it. He is so cute and sad and tired, but still sweet as anything.
2. I got very little sleep last night.
3. If you're an Anne fan, you'll appreciate this one: Yesterday Maria says to me randomly, "Mommy, Gilbert was right. Being smart is better than being pretty." haha
4. Then she says " But being good is best of all." It was All Saints Day so she was reading, drawing, and acting everything Saint.
5. We got our craft on yesterday and made these amazing puppets
Hopefully it'll fill their craft needs for the next month, because the mess that it made will take me a month to get over. 
6. My kids are being silly and driving me nuts....
7. So I better go pay attention to them. 

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  1. Oh that Anne comment is so sweet! We talked about saints being nice and good and listening to Jesus on All Saint's Day, too...and my daughter says to me "so am I a saint because I'm always nice to everyone at preschool?" Then added despondently, "except when that boy threw sand at my eyes today I said I didn't want to be his friend anymore..."

    I love the puppets! Hope your little one is feeling better and you've gotten some sleep!!!

  2. Oh I hate it when little ones are sick. Well, I hate that they feel so bad but I do love the extra cuddle long as they aren't throwing up.