Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Feast of All Saints and a Halloween story

So, after counting down the days for two weeks, Maria woke up in the morning so excited that the day finally had arrived! After supper we got costumes on and waited for Daddy to come home. He arrived, we got rain gear on and got ready to brave the torrential storm. Then all of the sudden out of nowhere Maria freaked out. Said she wasn't going. She was too scared. She screamed, cried, ripped her costume off and ran upstairs to put her pajamas on and go to bed because she would rather do that and have not one piece of candy, then go trick or treating. We were shocked! Felicity of course followed suit and started screaming like we were trying to force them to go get their teeth pulled out or something. I knew they had been so excited about this that they would surely regret it. So we dragged them kicking and screaming out the ridiculous! I don't know what got into Maria's head....she must've seen something scary out the window? But once she snapped out of it they both had a ball...even in the rain!  
Mary and Laura Ingalls


We got way too much candy. Most of it will be eaten by Daddy.

When we got home, Maria was eager for more trick or treaters to come to our door so she could give them the millions of bags chips that she got...haha...great idea kiddo!

Today is All Saints Day! I have a few little saints running to come:)

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