Tuesday, November 6, 2012

7 Months Old

This little guy turned 7 months old last week. He is still the sweetest kid around! He is still not crawling exactly, but he creeps around on his belly and is getting pretty fast. Both the girls crawled at 6 months...are boys supposed to be faster at these milestones or slower? Shane is already working at getting him drafted for the NFL so if being slow to crawl has any bearing on his athletic ability....just kidding...
   His favourite foods are sweet potatoes, spinach, broccoli, apples, peas and bananas. Basically anything except carrots and green beans. Felicity took this as a personal insult because he absolutely couldn't stand the beans, and she loves them, I mean LOVES them...like she'd rather eat a huge plate full of green beans then dessert.
  William has actually gone a couple steps back in the sleep department...he used to sleep through the night consistently, but now he will sometimes, but lots of nights he wakes up at least once. I'm hoping it was due to growth spurts/ teething, because I've totally been too lazy to do anything about it so I just nurse him and put him back to bed..which is probably becoming a habit and that's why he's still doing it. He got his first teeth a few days ago!!! Two of them! After a feverish and sleepless night, they appeared!
    Babies are so much fun because in one month they go through so many life changing events. He started moving, eating and got teeth! Love you Will-Will and can't wait to see what fun things this month will bring:)

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  1. Happy seven months, handsome boy! Both of my boys were slower to crawl than my daughter, but they were both *walking* around 10 months just like her!
    The baby who just turned a year is literally baby-running around the house now. But his teeth came in way later than the other two and are all coming in at once now. So I guess anything is possible!