Monday, January 23, 2012

Living in the moment, skating, and 32 weeks

Today I am mourning the loss of the weekend. We had so. much. fun. I am really trying to treasure this time - before school gets too busy so Shane is actually able to take a whole weekend off, and before life gets too crazy adding a newborn into the mix. All too often I find myself counting down the days til the baby arrives, but I know I need to stop and enjoy the right now - this time with our two girls. They are at such easy and wonderful ages (for the most part..hehe..right now I'm forgetting about all the tantrums and stubbornness....). In short, I need to live in the moment, instead of always waiting for something.
So this weekend I enjoyed our little family. We did errands, went to the market, had quiet time while the girls napped, got things done around the house, made delicious hamburgers on the barbecue in the middle of winter, and finally, to cap it all off, on Saturday evening we went skating on the outdoor rink downtown. We  were so bundled up that we weren't even cold, and there were only a handful of other skaters there. And the  girls stepped onto the ice and were instantly at least twice as good as the last time we went (we've been about 3 or 4 times this winter). Shane and I were amazed at how Maria flew around the ice, skating faster and faster by herself, on the bumpy outdoor ice. And little Felicity forsook my hand in favour of scooting around by herself too! 

In other news, here are the babe and I at 32 weeks!

Happy Monday everyone! 

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