Thursday, January 12, 2012

Good for Us

This morning I was doing this prenatal workout recommended to me by the wonderful Christy from Fountains of Home and Grace from Camp Patton. Its a pretty good workout, although I wasn't left feeling exhausted, which is how I like to feel at the end of a workout......but I guess I'm not supposed to push myself that hard anymore? Boo hoo...another reason I can't WAIT to be not pregnant! Anyway, my two and four year olds stayed quietly by my side for the entire 50 minutes! I'm used to Maria doing this, as she is a very dedicated exerciser, since its "good for us". But Felicity usually gets tired after about 2 having them both by my side today was too precious. They were so focused and into it. Maria would stop every now and then to eat some carrots, broccoli and celery I had given them for a snack, or to drink some water and then she'd say "Mommy, I'm doing three things that are good for us! Eating vegetables, drinking water, and exercising!"

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