Thursday, January 5, 2012


Christmas was blast this year, as all 6 of my sisters and their husbands and kids made it to my parents' house!

The seven girls! The three of us in the front row are all preggo:)

The 7 grandkids! Sooo hard to get a picture of them all!

Highlights for me:
  Sister time. I adore my sisters and hate that most live so far away! I soaked up every second.
  Watching the girls play with their cousins. I love that there are so many of them close in age, and they all get along so well!
   Having my husband back for two weeks. AMAZING.
   Christmas baking. We did a ton, which means that I ate a ton.......
   The camera that Shane and I gave each other. We are both having sooo much fun with it! And we took about 500 pictures in 2 days. haha.

Its always so sad when its all over and everyone leaves. We never know when we'll all be together again. Maria is already looking forward to next Christmas though..."Next Christmas we'll make some more ornaments Mommy", or "We'll see Emma next Christmas"...I don't think she understands just how far away that is..haha.
 It was really nice, after everyone left, to spend the last couple days of Shane's break at home with our little family. We tried to use up every minute, getting things done, (like buying an SUV!), having quality time with the kids, playing games, going out to eat, going bowling (at which Maria legitimately beat me! haha!). And now he's back at school. sob.

And now I must go and tuck Felicity back in bed. She's supposed to be napping, but she's singing "Angels We Have Heard on High" at the top of her lungs. At least she's not out of bed, I guess. We converted her crib to a toddler bed a couple days ago. It makes her seem like such a big girl! Now I have no kids in diapers, or a crib, or a high chair. Guess I'm ready for this baby! Adios!

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