Thursday, April 9, 2015

William, Age 3

For his whole life, I have been trying to savour this wonderful child because I thought, surely a bad stage must be around the corner. But for three years, he has pretty much been an awesome kid. Except for maybe two weeks when he went around hitting people. But that was it!

I can't believe he's 3!

He is an amazing big brother. So gentle, patient, and fun!

He is a great little brother, although maybe he does ruin the girls legos or barbies every now and then..

He is so much fun to be around! So talkative and entertaining. I love hanging out with him.

Some other things I want to remember about this kid right now:

Whenever you are only half listening, and he asks a question and you kind of just say mmhmm, he will always clarify with "yes or no?" Like, "Mommy I can have this candy?" Me: "mmhmm". Will: "Yes or no?" Me: "Oh what? No!" What a good kid.

Me: "I love you"
William: "I DON'T love.... tigers!"

He used to call Maria "Ella" and Felicity "Mae-Mae" (have no idea how he got those names...) Now he can pronounce their real names, but when he's talking about them together, he still says, "Ella-Mae-Mae".

Everything is always, "Just ONE more!" (holding his finger up)

He is obsessed with his ABCs and counting everything.

He does not sit still for long. "Watch me run SUPER fast!"

Whenever he gets in trouble (which is not that often) the worst part of it for him is that we are not happy with him. So as soon as it is resolved he is quick to ask "Mommy are you happy with me?" Or if I'm getting mad at one of the girls he will always come and check "You not happy with Ella-Mae-Mae? But you happy with me?"

When asked what he wants to be when he grows up: "Superman!"

Basically, he's my favourite person ever. Besides my other three children of course.....