Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Seven years ago........

 Seven years ago, I visited Cayman for the first time. Little did I suspect then that I would ever agree to move there. Yes, it is beautiful, yes, I love the sun, and yes, Shane's family lives there. But it is just so far away, and I honestly could not imagine actually living there. And yet, here we are, getting ready to sell most of our belongings, pack up a few, and make the biggest move of our lives. It is crazy, stressful and crazy crazy crazy. And yet it is an amazing opportunity, the kids will love it I am sure, I will be tan (ha!) year round, and we will be close to Shane's family. I know that if I heard that someone was moving to the Caribbean, I'd be all "they are so lucky, I'd love to move to a land of sun and no winter!", so I know I really should be excited! But it is so so so stressful and so so so so far away from my family. Not to mention that it means I have to get rid of most of our stuff.
    So now we must prepare for our fourth move in six years...help!


  1. Oh Beka. Wow! That is amazing... and yes... stressful. Oh my. Is there anything Patrick and I can do to help? Organize a yard sale or put stuff on Kiijii or something?

    Boy, this calls for a big glass of red wine. One, to celebrate such an exciting move, but two, to mourn being far away from family. I so, so get that, with our impending move (although ours is not nearly as far... as we'll have enough winter to make up for your perpetual summers!).

  2. Thanks Jenna..but I'm sure you guys have a ton on your hands as well! At least we don't have to sell a house...just everything in it! I've started putting stuff on kijiji and we'll have a yard sale next month. When are you guys moving? We should get together before!

  3. Omigoodness Beka that is big news! Are you guys planning on moving there forever, a couple years, who knows?? I can't imagine moving that far. I think I'd go into shock. But the weather makes me very jealous of you right now...and the beach....and the weather. I'm sure you'll do great, hope everything goes well with the move!

    1. Yeah I think I am in shock right now...its so surreal! Right now the plan is 5 years...we will see though! Maybe we will hate it and come right back, or maybe we'll stay forever! Who knows....

  4. Wow! You weren't kidding about big news! I'm looking forward to your updates so I can live vicariously through you- Cayman is gorgeous! Good luck with your move!