Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekend Fun

I feel like I'm falling off the blogging train here! I missed 7 Quick Takes on Friday, and I meant to get a pic of my outfit today, but I didn't have a chance before I had changed out of it. I was even wearing a new skirt. Boo.
 We've had a great weekend though! On Saturday we did our grocery shopping, went sledding, and had a movie night. Today we went to Mass, had an amazing brunch, went to the gym, and then went swimming. But I didn't get any pictures of anything! The kids were so exhausted we had them all in bed by 7. I just finished by favourite job of cutting the hub's hair, and now its time for a little Sunday splurge of chocolate and tea, and Amazing Race viewing.
  Then I'll be ready for Monday...maybe....
I did take some pictures of our week though!

Valentines day with roses from Daddy


Hugs from my little man

Is anything cuter than a baby in a tie?

Playing peek a boo

Trying to get a picture of the of them has to be grumpy

Heart shaped pizza for Valentine's Day

What up?

Have a great week everyone!

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