Friday, February 22, 2013

7 QT

1. Sooo glad its Friday today. What long, dreary week!

2. Some of the things we are doing for lent this year are saying a daily rosary, and making it at least once a week to daily mass. So far, so good! One week down.......sooo many more to go.

3. Speaking of lent, does anyone else do the "sacrifice jar" with their kids and find it the most amazing thing in the whole world? The kids are scurrying around trying to do sacrifices, and bending over backwards to be helpful and kind to one another. Randomly throughout the day, Maria will clean up her room, the living room, and the basement just so she can put beans in the jar. I will also hear things like "Maria, do you want to play with me so I can give you this toy?" Haha...she's 3 and only kind of gets the whole thing..but at least she is trying! If I only have one of something, and they both want it, all I have to say is "who wants to make a sacrifice?" and it solves the problem!

4. Shane and I love to watch seasons of tv shows in the evenings. Right now we are watching Suits. Anyone else can't get enough of Harvey Specter?

5.  Gosh I am having a hard time cranking these out. Nope. Nothing interesting to say.

6. Apologies to all 5 of you who are reading this. What a waste of time.

7. Aaaand I hear the baby crying after only 20 minutes of to figure out if he did or didn't nap...

Have a great weekend! Go see Jen!


  1. I've never heard of a sacrifice jar!! I may need to start that soon...we've had some crazy behavior rear its ugly head here this week :)

    1. It really is the greatest thing! They put beans in the jar for each sacrifice and then at Easter you can replace them with jelly beans. It provides so much motivation for them for some reason:)

  2. I love the idea of the sacrifice jar!

    And yes, I really find things flow better if I go to daily mass, but I am not really good at this. I did make an effort to do this the past 2 Advents, and it would probably be a good practice for lent. Thank you for the inspiration.

    And I agree...7 is a lot of takes! This was my first week, and it was hard to come up with 7!

    Enjoy your weekend!