Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy St. Valentine's Day!


Today was our best Valentine's Day yet. It was the first time I made an effort to get into it with the girls..we made crafts galore and Maria was sooo excited for the day to come. Not sure what she was expecting to happen....but this morning she exclaimed (after we finished eating cinnamon rolls) "This is the best morning I've ever had!" This afternoon we made heart shaped cookies:
And for supper we made heart shaped pizza:
The highlight of the day was Daddy coming home for supper. Usually on Tuesdays he doesn't come home because he has night class til 9:30..but today he found time in between classes to grace us with his presence:)  And he came bearing gifts!
Roses for his three girls: Maria was delighted-her first time receiving flowers!
With her cards from Daddy

Maria's cards from Daddy:) On them he wrote things that he loves about her:)

 The whole supper Maria kept saying "We have such a special Daddy! I love you so much Daddy!" It sure makes putting an effort into things enjoyable when they are appreciated in such a fashion:) 
       Hope everyone else had an equally pleasing day!

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  1. aww, what a fun day! We had heart-shaped cinnamon rolls for breakfast too :) I can't wait till my kids are bigger so I don't have to do all the crafts by myself haha. Love the pizza idea. You are such an inspiring mom!