Monday, February 27, 2012

37 weeks and feeling it........

 37 weeks! Officially full term! If only that meant something for me... I had to be induced with both my daughters, so I have no hope of ever going before, or on time, or on my own! So more than likely this baby will be stuck inside of me for at least 3 weeks..possibly 5.... Shane says I have to wait at least 4 more it'll fit into his school schedule..haha.
  I'm definitely feeling tired these days! Everything is hard...getting up and down, picking things up, walking, matter how much I sleep I'm still tired. I can't even think about exercising because everything hurts! And this baby pretty much never stops jabbing me in very uncomfortable places. And I had a dreadful week of Shane being at school late every day...and I had somewhere that I had to go every evening so that I had to bring the girls home late...carrying a sleeping Felicity because when she doesn't nap she is asleep by 7...and so I am exhausted. And so over being pregnant. haha.
   I think that's all the complaining I'll do...for now. I know its nothing every pregnant mother doesn't go through! And I know I have it easier than a lot of women.
   I was sorting through baby clothes today...and it got me so excited about having this baby!


  1. So close!! I am the biggest fan of NOT being pregnant :) I love initially finding out that I am pregnant, I hate everything in between, and then I LOVE the newborn stage and everything after the birth of the baby. I think it is triply hard when you have other little ones you need to care for because you can't get the rest you need!