Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Nice Little Break

Last week Shane and I enjoyed 5 blissful days of child free vacation! We had a wedding in Indiana to attend, and doubling the cost of flights by taking the kids just wasn't an option. So my amazing mother agreed to take them into her home for what was supposed to be 4 days and 3 nights. I was a wreck for a few days preceding our departure - trying to pack our things, as well as the kids' things, and emotionally prepare myself for what would be our longest time away from our children. I may or may not have cried for two days straight. The girls, however, didn't shed a tear. This of course made it much easier and I love the fact that they are excited to stay at my parents' place. So at 4 in the morning we snuck away while the children slept. My heart broke as I imagined them waking up and crying, "where is Mommy?" I don't think that happened, as later in the morning Mom sent me a picture of two very happy girls all ready for school (she had to take them with her to school that day).
At the Rehearsal Dinner
  Our flights on the way down were uneventful, and we arrived in Chicago, picked up our rental car, met my sister and Shane's brother at their hotel, and then drove to South Bend, stopping along the way, of course, to shop. We checked in
at our hotel and then enjoyed two full days of wedding fun, including visiting with lots of friends from Cayman, an amazing rehearsal dinner at a Studebaker car museum, and an even more amazing wedding! The only thing that could have made it a little bit more fun was if I could have taken advantage of the open bar.....
We enjoyed a tour of the Notre Dame campus as well as an exclusive tour of the  locker room and football field, which apparently not many people get to see...

Bern and I at the reception. Can you tell how  amazing everything is?  They even had a  spectacular firework display!

We left from Chicago on Sunday, and were supposed to arrive home that night at 11:30. We missed our connection in Toronto, however, and since there were no more flights to Fredericton until the next day at 2, we stayed the night at the Crowne Plaza. This ended up being not too bad, because we got to see my little sister, Celie and her boyfriend Dan, who live in Toronto. SOOO nice! Then on Monday we slept in, had a leisurely breakfast, went for a swim, tried to keep Shane's mind off of all the classes he was missing, then headed to the airport. Our flight was delayed about half an hour, and I began to worry about not making it back in time to take Maria to swimming lessons. This was a big deal, because I had told her that we would DEFINITELY be back for swimming lessons, and I knew how excited she was. We were in the air about half and hour, when there was announcement that one of the flight attendants was sick, and so we had to return to Toronto, and switch the flight crew. I still don't know quite what was wrong with him, but I guess he must have been pretty darn sick to inconvenience an entire plane of people, not to mention all the extra flight time and fuel, and everything else that goes into getting the aircraft ready to fly, since when we returned to Toronto, we had to deplane and they had to redo everything. Its only a two hour flight, and so we were already a quarter of the way there! ANYWAY....this delayed us three more hours, and so we of course missed the swimming lessons:( Maria was devastated, but when we FINALLY arrived home, she told me that now she was happy, since we were home:) She was adorable, and she stayed up late with me, telling me about everything she did, and wanting to hear about everything we did. Finally she said she was too tired to talk anymore, so I let her go to sleep..haha.
All in all, it was a good time, and an amazing break from every day life. It was nice to spend time with Shane, since he's already back to 12 hour days, to spend time with Bern and Joey before they move far away, and to have an impromptu visit with Cel and Dan! But it is also nice to be home, with my girls, where I belong:)


  1. so jealous you were in South Bend!!

    You are a much better mother than I...I think I might cry tears of joy if I had five days away from J...maybe not :)

    You looked so stunning at the wedding! pregnant WHO?!

  2. Wow, what a great trip!! That is really too bad about the whole delay thing, and too bad you couldn't come see me too.. Oh well, next time you are delayed in Toronto. :)
    Beautiful photos!!!!!