Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kids in Costumes

Every year I have the worst time trying to figure out what the kids will be /wear for Halloween. So this year I was determined to make at least one costume and get it done ahead of time. Did I? Nope. I got too busy, and so ended up making this dress for Maria only four days before. 


My little princesses 
They of course had a blast trick or treating, although it was a little cold! Maria was also scared of some of the other kids' costumes (especially masks). When we got back home, with way too many treats, we let them have at their stash. Maria took two small treats and then stated that she was done. I even offered her another, which she shared with me with some hesitation. She was very concerned about having too much sugar. I guess I've taught her well? haha...she has a lot more self control than her mother though! 

Today is All Saints' Day! So we attended a little party at the school my mom teaches at. Each child was supposed to give some clues about the saint they were dressed up as, so everyone could guess. I didn't think there was any chance in the world of Maria doing this in front of the whole school, but she surprised me, and stated her clue loud and clear! A HUGE step for my little shy girl.
The girls with some of their saintly friends

St. Margaret of Scotland and St. Rose of Lima
What a fun, but exhausting couple of days!