Friday, July 22, 2016

Update on Life in 7QT

Has it really been over a year since I've written on here?! Linking up with Kelly for a little update on life around here:

1. We moved into our new house and it is wonderful! We love having a place of our own, next door to my sister and the pool is a nice perk:)

2. We're expecting baby #5! I'm 29 weeks today and looking forward to baby snuggles and not being pregnant in the nearish future. Just need to get through the rest of this sweltering summer.....
20 weeks!

3. Maria turned 9! How can it be???!! She's been swimming up a storm this past year and has improved SO much! I love watching her swim and cheering her on at meets. She hates school which makes me feel like a terrible failure as a homeschooling mom but such is life I guess. We are happy for the summer break:)

4. Felicity turned 7 and I feel like its the sweetest age (or else she is just the sweetest girl:) She is actually such a delight to me these days - so sweet, always ready to help, especially where Gus is concerned. I love her very dearly:)

5. William is 4! I feel like he is so old! But also still cute:) He took his first swimming lessons is now an awesome swimmer! He is such a good little brother and plays so nicely with the girls (read: does whatever they tell him). He is mostly patient with Gus too, Haha.

6. Gus is just the best. I love two year olds. He is active and really quite a terror to take in public (store or Church), and really dislikes having to be quiet or sit still. BUT! He is just so cute that I can overlook all of that. He loves to play superheroes or sports, but also loves to sit quietly and read a book (just not when you want him to, like in Church). He talks and expresses himself so well for his age and learns so much from his older siblings (for better or for worse).

7. Shane and I are celebrating 10 years in a few weeks! We went on a little babymoon/ anniversary trip to Houston and Dallas last week. We shopped til we literally dropped (had to stock up for the year!), ate way too much food, and even got to play tennis and go skating. It was nice to get off the Island (first time in a year for me!) and spend a little time not eat, sleep and breathing all things children! But it was also so nice to come back to the little loves who we really did miss so much.

Have a great weekend and hope to be back before the year is up ;)

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  1. I was so happy to "catch up" with you! Your kids are all beautiful, and I am so excited for #5. Do you know what it's going to be? Or will you be surprised?