Friday, July 13, 2012

Lazy Summer Days

For the past two weeks we've been trekking to the lake every day for swimming lessons! It's about a half hour walk...on the way there it is all down hill, so on the way back I get quite the workout, with Will in my carrier and the girls in the stroller. 

Felicity has been dying to take swimming lessons, and was so excited when she turned three that she could finally do it!! So I signed her up. Both girls ended up being the only kids in their classes, so it was like private lessons...not sure if this was better or worse for Felicity. For the first week she refused to set foot in the water with the teacher. Wouldn't do a thing. No matter what I did. No bribery works on this girl. So ridiculously stubborn. Finally, by week 2 I went in the water with her, leaving Willy sleeping on the beach ( at a safe distance from me, of course) and that did it! Success!!!!

She loved it. 

Little Willy catching some shut-eye.

Can I tell you how much I love summer?! 

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  1. Aww they're so cute! We're starting swimming lessons at our little lake on monday...Gemma's already dying with excitement. And I'm leaving Max with my sister because he just wants to eat sand at the lake.
    And btw-I wished we lived closer too so we could homeschool kids together-you could teach mine all the hard stuff!!