Wednesday, December 14, 2011

27 weeks..almost.

Here's me at almost 27 weeks pregnant (2 days short)! Please ignore the blotch and the lovely angle that makes me look bigger than the Christmas tree. It was taken by my four year old. And its a small tree. I haven't taken any pictures of my belly this time around, and I always wish I had more, since I like to compare with my previous pregnancies, to make sure I'm not gaining too much..haha. Here's a couple of facts about this pregnancy - sorry if they bore you to death.
I'm not wearing many maternity clothes yet, mostly because I hate them all..haha. 
Still feeling pretty good, although sleep is getting a little worse. 
Apparently when I'm pregnant, and only then, when I sleep I make this annoying-to-Shane popping noise, or so he describes it. It drives him crazy, so he is constantly waking me up. That might have something to do with my sleep getting worse. Pregnancy does weird things to people though!
I've gained too much weight. 
I'm still running when I can, which is not nearly as often as I'd like. Hence the weight gain..haha.
Aannnndddddddd I think that's it. 


  1. Beka! you look gorgeous! I'm so happy for you that there's a sweet baby on the way. I'm kind of getting anxious to have another one too:)
    thanks for reading my blog, you are my first to comment!
    have a great day, and Christmas.
    Love, Rachel

  2. amazing! you look so great!!

    I think I started taking belly photos around 27 weeks with Sebastian as well.

    Hope you're feeling okay!!

  3. For 27 weeks you look awesome! I'm sure you don't gain an ounce more than that baby Beka!

    I think I quit my treadmilling around then, but I've been using this pregnancy workout dvd through all the trimesters and its made me feel better that at least I'm not turning into a complete blob. And it is really good for working in tons of squats and good flexibility for birth. If you want I'll find the title for you sometime!